Dr. Yafa Levanon

Dr. Yafa Levanon


Clinical experience

Dr. Levanon  has clinical experience of 34 years, focuses on upper limb rehabilitation after traumatic injuries or diseases and Upper limb work related musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD). Serves as Deputy Head of Occupational Therapy Services at the Sheba Medical Center.

Dr. Yafa Levanon is engaged in also in research, a lecturer in the Occupational Therapy department at Steyr, Sackler Faculty of Medicine  Health Professions school in Tel Aviv University and


Areas of research

Areas of research were focused on upper limbs. Various advanced technologies were used in research and developed for evaluation and treatment of hand function impairment; three-dimensional motion analysis of upper limb, biofeedback to treat musculoskeletal disorders and development of innovative exercise application using iPad. The PhD thesis reflects these interest areas and engaged in evaluating ergonomic interventions among computer workers. Other researchers conducted lately focused on hand function, specifically grip  and pinch strength and developing advanced dynamic splints with 3D printer to enhance function after wrist injuries.

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